Couchbase server version 6.6.1 docker for m1 chips

I have an M1 Chip Mac book which is Arm64 based. I wanted to bring up couchbase server locally in docker , I have my own local image with server 6.6.1 and my java sdk version is 2.7.20, I am unable to bring up couchbase version 6.6.1 in docker as it crashes on my m1 chip Mac book … It did fine on the Intel chips… How ever couchbase 7.0 version has an ARM64 based image, but that is not compatible with the java sdk version.

Is there an couchbase server version 6.6.1 that is compatible with ARM64? I tried to find a deb package on the downloads and could not find it.


Hi @herat_acharya.

Couchbase 7.1.0 is the earliest version that supports arm64. The 7.1.0 Docker images are not multi-platform; you have to append “-aarch64” to the tag name to get a version that runs on an M1. Starting with 7.1.1, the images are multi-platform and you can use the standard tags.

SDK 2 reached end of life back in March 2022, so we don’t test it or support it anymore. Even so, there’s a decent chance your app will continue to work with Couchbase Server 7, at least well enough for local development.

Alternatively, if you have access to a Linux machine with an Intel chip, perhaps you could use it as your Docker host and run the Couchbase container remotely.

EDIT: For anyone else coming to this forum post, I wanted to mention It’s possible to run earlier versions of Couchbase Server directly on your M1 Mac (without Docker) thanks to Rosetta. It’s only a problem in Docker because the environment there doesn’t have Rosetta.