Any chance for a couchbase "enterprise light"


I love couchbase and also the multi dimensional scaling. I think it’s a great idea to split services, so a overload of f.e. FTS does not affect the data service. The only problem here, the licensing model doesn’t really fit the needs for smaller companies.

Let’s say I have a small cluster with:
3 x data (1 x replica)
2 x index/query (1x replica)
2 x fts (1 x replica)

So I need 7 licenses, also when all of the nodes are small. If the management now ask me as a developer: “can we put all this on 3 nodes and save 60% of the license costs”, I have to say “yes”. Of course the splitted variant is better, but is it worth the 4 additional licenses, which more than doubles the costs…? So I think there should be a better license model for this. Something like pay-per-service maybe? So I can buy 3 data licenses, 2 index licenses and 2 fts licenses?

Thanks, Pascal

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Hi Pascal - Thank you for sharing your feedback on licensing and your love of Couchbase. We will definitely take your feedback on licensing into consideration as we evaluate changes to licensing in the future.