One of three nodes: Index RAM climbs to 100%. Others mostly unused

I have a 3 node setup whereby one of the nodes index RAM quickly fills to 100% with the others hovering much lower at 5-6%
There is 20GB of memory allocated to each node index service.
-Is there a way to easily see which indexes are using up this RAM so that I can move them to even it out?
-If not defined shouldn’t the indexes balance across the nodes? Or does this have to be done manually when creating the indexes?

I have read:

Any ideas?
Node3 (100%):

Node1 (~4%):

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Can you share the cbcollect logs, so that we can understand what is happening on node3 and root cause the issue.

Please refer to for information on getting the cbcollect logs.


@calhamd, which couchbase server version are you using(CE or EE)?
5.5 EE and later, the index placement is done based on the load statistics of the nodes. Earlier, it used to be round robin.

From the UI graphs, you can check the data size of each index and see if the distribution is even or not.