CPU of node is stay 100%

Hi all,

Couchbase Cluster components :

  • couchbase enterprise version 4.6.3
  • 6 node(query, index, data)
  • 2 nodes(index)
  • 6 bucket
  • The number of buckets with the most items is 60 million.

I have a one question about cpu utilization of nodes.
suddenly, one node of couchbase cpu utilization is 100%. role of this node is query & index and data.
also, indexer nodes are cpu utilization 100%.
in addition, couchbase cluster is not receive client connection and application server not connect couchbase cluster.

So, why is couchbase cluster 100% CPU? I usually keep only 20%, but suddenly couchbase cpu went up. It is already the third. Why is not the JAVA SDK load balancing to couchbase?


check what are the other programs running on particular node which is 100%,go to process list and find it out whether other than couchbase server any task which is consuming more CPU bcz i had simillar issue.

i saw CPU process list using “top” command when cpu utilization is 100%.
indexer process use cpu 100% and idle 0.0%. my instance have 16 core, so indexer process of couchbase use 1600%.
in addition, node ram is over usage setting value in couchbase console when cpu utilization is 100%.
at that time, ops is not high in couchbase cluster.

@notemusic, what is the storage mode for index service? How many indexes on each node and what is the memory quota assigned?

@deepkaran.salooja, my storage mode for index is GSI(Standard Global Secondary Indexes).
and each nodes has 4~5 index.
i have a question about couchabse quota for ram.
what is the other data in memory qouta? can the quota cause problems?

@notemusic, for index service you can change the memory quota from UI->Settings. Depending on the memory quota and actual memory usage, frequent GC could lead to cpu spikes. Try increasing the memory quota and see if it helps.