Issues with indexes "Indexer RAM percentage on node "" is 0%"

Hi I keep getting the Warning

Warning: approaching low index resident percentage. Indexer RAM percentage on node "" is 0%, which is under the threshold of 10%.

Now this Warning is supposed to indicate that the Couchbase indexer has run out of RAM.
The Server still has memory available ~(30/120GB used). The indexer service has been giving ever increasing amounts of RAM without changes. The indexes we create are in the low single digit million area and smaller - yet not even a sinlge entry of the indices is loaded into RAM. I have looked at the indexer.log file and it contains no Errors. I have recreated the indexes multiple times. I even completely reinstalled the couchbase server and deleted all the data in /opt/couchbase.

What can I do to mitigate this issue?

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