High Memory Consumption on the Index Node

Hello Everyone,

We have a Couchbase Community Edition 6.6.0 build 7909 and experiencing extremely high memory consumption on our Index Server. We are heavy on N1SQL use and constantly hitting the server with large queries. Our index RAM is 90GB with around 150 indexes. We have calculated the index size and it is less than 10GB.

Any ideas on how can we find the cause of memory consumption?



Can you share the output of http://<indexer_ip>:9102/api/v1/stats along with indexer memory profile. The indexer memory profile can be obtained by querying the REST endpoint http://<indexer_ip>:9102/debug/pprof/heap

The output of api/v1/stats endpoint will help us understand how much memory is being consumed and the memory profile will give us an idea of where it is being consumed.