Old version of memcached not logging


We are currently using a quite old version of Memcached Server(I believe it is version 1.2.6). We have run into an issue where a lot of content within a specific portion of our site is not caching using memcached. We tried generating diagnostic logs, by following the instructions on this link https://github.com/enyim/EnyimMemcached/wiki/Configure-Logging. Unfortunately no diagnostic logs are being generated. We tried to enable the diagnostic logging as well as the Log4Net logging, with no success.

Also, does anyone know where to find a more up to date version of the memcached server for windows, preferrably 64 bit?

Thank you,
Sheel Shah

My best suggestion would be to download a current copy of Couchbase Server for Windows. It has a bucket type “memcached” which is completely compatible with memcached.