NotImplementedException when using MemcachedClient in version 1.3 of Enyim.Caching

just downgraded to version 1.2.9 and it seems to work ok.

Currently in the process of trying out version 1.3 of the Couchbase .NET client.

When performing a simple Store operation against a MemcachedClient however, I get a NotImplementedException

Sample code:

    var config = new MemcachedClientConfiguration();
        config.AddServer("", 11219);
        var client = new MemcachedClient(config);

        var res = client.Store(StoreMode.Set, "key", "value");
        Console.WriteLine("result: " + res);

        var value = client.Get<string>("key");
        Console.WriteLine("value: " + value);

Stack trace:

at Enyim.Caching.Memcached.PooledSocket.Enyim.Caching.Memcached.IPooledSocket.get_InstanceId()

Thanks for submitting:

This will officially be released in the first week of January 2014, however we have created a snapshot of the fix (plus a few other fixes for the CouchbaseClient) here:

Note that this is an un-tested, un -supported snapshot of the client in the middle of our development life-cycle.

Your other option, which you already have taken, is to downgrade to 1.2.9 which should work perfectly fine.

Since most all of the work we are doing are improvements to the CouchbaseClient and for the Couchbase Server sepcifically, we don’t follow the same amount of test coverage with respect to the MemcachedClient and Memcached, thus bugs like this can come up from time to time.