Windows 2012 Compatibility of MemCache

Hi Support Team,

We are using ‘MemCache -’ currently for our production environment which is on a Windows 2008 (64 bit) box.

We plan to upgrade our servers to Windows 2012 (64 bit) with IIS 8.0.

Kindly let me know whether ‘MemCache-’ is compatible with Windows 2012 (64 bit) server or not.

Thanks in advance

I have no idea about MemCache. For supported platforms please refer to

Hi Idoguin,

To be specific, we are using Membase Server - Community edition on Windows 2008 server.

Can you give me the pointers for Membase Server - Community edition supported platforms?

Thanks in advance

@sanjay_pulapotta to be clear: membase server is not supported anymore. You should go to a newer couchbase server version which also still has the memcached bucket you can use.