New to couchbase

Hello I have am new to couchbase I have inhert a couchbase database server on ubuntu

I use to mysql and using root to connect to it and query a table.
Now how do I access this database and find a a key call getstuff and its values

Thanks In advance

@frank.u hey, did you check out the basic documentation? The recommended way if you want to administer it is through the UI on port 8091 and if you are developing an application use one of our official SDKs for your language of choice. You can find extensive information here

Please let us know if you have specific questions along the way!

100% lost with this documentation … I use to mysql … 1) how do I acees it this database there has be a command clint way to acess it and second how do I do query on a “table” I understand there no table but some how need way to get the results I desire

Please help

probably CBQ tool will be the most familiar for you

But for applications, you still need to use one of SDKs