Why no REST API for set/get data of buckets?

Rest api to retrieve set key/value on buckets would be really useful. Why is this missing?

@adx because Couchbase Server is a distributed system where nodes come and go all the time. It is certainly possible to implement, but it is something that is normally built on top of our SDKs. It’s not something the server provides at the moment out of the box or will in the near future.

If you have a specific use case in mind we can try and help you to get there!

Right now the problem is that if i want to see my data on couchbase, I have to use admin console where there is limit of size to view documents.

So i wanted to develop GUI/command based client which uses http to talk to couchbase and retrieve/set data.

If i want to talk to couchbase by my own custom CLI, which port i talk to and on what protocol?

If you build a CLI or a UI, always use one of our official SDKs - then you are set. You can go from C over Python, NodeJS, PHP over to Java and .NET, whatever suits your needs!