Can I use couchbase's rest api to act like flask restful api?

I want to develop apps that might need some rest service.
I need oAuth and simple restful api to get data from database.
When I looked into counchbase’s docs, it said it support rest api for admin.

My question is

  • Can I service couchbase’s rest interface to client?


You cannot use the REST API to manage your data (CRUD).

You need to use one of the client SDK ( ) and you can create a REST API at the top of it.

Note: we are working on an extension for this, the design is available here:


thank you.
So conclusion, currently I have to implement CRUD api.
But rest interface is working on, I’ll expect that product either.

Thank you.
So currently I have to implement rest interfce.

Again, Thanx!

thank you.
So currently I have to implement rest interface anyway.
I’ll look forward rest interface extension :slight_smile:

p.s. I couldn’t leave comment on mobile, sorry for late response.