Are there any Linux based query tools for Couchbase server?

Just getting started with Couchbase today.
I’m planning on using Couchbase as the back-end for my Mobile (Xamarin) app development. I have set up Couchbase server, as well as the sync_gateway on a Ubuntu VM on Azure. Using one of the available Mobile samples, I was able to ascertain, that my server setup was correct (i.e. my mobile data was syncing just fine with the server). Now, after having done this basic setup, I would like to be able to load my Couchbase server database with some bulk data for further testing. My problem is: I have no idea how to access my Couchbase server outside of the Web interface. Ideally, I would like to have some command line tool, which would allow me to query the database of my choice, as well as to make any additions or changes. For example - when I need to access my MongoDB I use a tool called RoboMango, which has a GUI interface, which allows me to query, create and modify documents. Is there such a tool (either GUI or command line) available for Couchbase?


I want to know this too.

– Austin

Okay, so there are two ways to approach this:

Currently we do not support a full featured shell where you can do everything interactively.

Thank you for your reply!
I have one followup question: if I needed to migrate a lot of data from, let’s say Sql Sever, what tool would I use? Another words - what is the most comman way of loading bulk data into Couchbase?

As covered in the CLI reference docs, there is a tool named cbtransfer which supports a couple formats. That may work for your needs.