.net SDK 2.0.1 documentation

hi there,

is there any place where I can take a look at .Net SDK 2.0.1 documentation? I need to migrate a pretty legacy project with 2.5.1 Server and relevant SDK, seems like an approach to work with server changed dramatically.

thanks in advance!

@retto -

Which server will you be migrating too?

some of 3.* version. A better option might be to have 2.5.1 Server, but I cannot find any link to download it.

@retto -

Why upgrade to an unsupported version of the server? 3.1 went EOL in 2017 according to this doc: https://www.couchbase.com/support-policy/enterprise-software

I would suggest targeting the latest supported CE (community edition) release and latest SDK.


and rewrite legacy project ? It doesn’'t make sense in term of time and money :slight_smile:

@retto -

What SDK version are you currently using?