Couchbase 4.1 is here!

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We have used .net sdk ver in our project, will upgrading to couchbase ver 4.1 have any impact?

Hi @shafeeqmhg
1.x is EOL (End Of Life => not supported anymore) and therefore is not supported for use with Couchbase Server 4.1

You can find more information on supported version and there EOL etc. here:

It would be recommended to upgrade to .NET Couchbase Client version 2.x

Hope this answers your question

Thanks for your kind reply. I understand the SDK is EOL, but changing it to SDK 2.x requires some development effort, our app is going to be re-written this year, wanted to know if there is any change in server v4.1 that will have breaking effect on SDK ver 1.3.x?
kind regards,

Hi @shafeeqmhg
According to engineering there are breaking changes and features that are not supported from SDK 1.3.x with Couchbase Server 4.1. Unfortunately we don’t have a complete list of breaking changes.

I know there it’s not minor upgrade to change SDK 1.3.x to 2.x, but this is our recommended approach. With that said, you could try to run a few tests against CB 4.1 with SDK 1.3 and test if the features that you are using are supported.

Depending on your application setup one great benefit when using SDK 2.x is that it supports cross platform usage etc. you can create and read documents created from different plaforms: java, .net, etc.

I hope this helps.