What is the release date for .net SDK 2.1.2?

What is the release date for .net SDK 2.1.2?
We are suffering from problems described in these bugs: NCBC-886, NCBC-823
Both of them are fixed in 2.1.2, the release date has passed 02/Jun/15 but it still not available.

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It’ll most likely be July but I’d like to ask @jmorris if he could give a more accurate reply, as he leads the work on the .NET SDK.

I have ran into the same issue. We need this release asap, because we just upgrade to the new sdk 2.1 - today is the D1 of this issue in production.

Between 7am and 10am I have an average of 500 exceptions logged.

See http://imgur.com/gallery/fvxGBzX

Help me please!

@waldyrfelix, @Kanel -

Long story short, we released 2.1.1 early, so 2.1.2 was pushed to July; the Jira versions aren’t yet in sync, but i will do that soon. That being said, we have a build based off the current master plus another commit going through QE - as soon as this it is green-lighted, i’ll post the packages.

This build will also provide support for multi-dimensional scaling, a new feature for Couchbase Server 4.0, which is in beta. If you haven’t checked it out, you should. Because of this, the build will be labeled a developer preview, but will include the fixes for NCBC-886, NCBC-823, and others.


@waldyrfelix, @Kanel -

2.1.2 is available on NuGet.


Hi @jmorris,

We did a rollback the deployment because these errors.
I will do the upgrade asap, then deploy the new bin.