Documentation for newer Java sdks

It seems like the only documentation on the Java SDK is for version 2.2:

Is there any timeline on when docs for the 2.3 series will be released?


The documentation has been reorganized when couchbase server 4.5 came out and can be found here
That’s the “developers” section on the left menu.

Thanks, @simonbasle. But it seems like the new documentation is not complete. There are sections where I can choose the language, but there are many that I cannot. In those that I cannot, the languages used are like Python, js etc. For eg.

It’s not organized as before anymore. :frowning:

These sections deal with common concepts in a more generic way. Usually the code example should be limited in there, and easily translatable to another language (similarly named classes / methods). Don’t hesitate to give feedback via the dedicated button that should be on the bottom right of each page!

I see. Thanks. I didn’t know that the names are the same in different sdks, especially when they have different version numbers as well.

Yeah, there are two broad “generations” of SDKs, and the second generation has been designed with consistency of the API in mind, both internally to each SDK and cross-SDK.

Where it can get confusing is that some of the SDKs were only introduced with this second generation. So for example, any Go SDK 1.x is still second generation, while Java SDK 1.x are “old generation” and 2.x are second generation…

Rule of thumb, a 2.x SDK is probably second generation and the Go 1.x SDKs are too.

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