N1QL for CB Lite

Can anyone tell me if there are plans to add N1QL to CBL and if so what is the timeline?

Thanks all

There aren’t currently any plans. It would be great to have the commonality between Couchbase’s platforms, but the existing implementation of N1QL would be quite difficult to port, for several reasons —it’s written in a different language (Go) that’s not very mobile-friendly; it’s tied into the Couchbase secondary-index server; and it’s tuned for server usage. It would probably need a full rewrite.

Also, I believe that for mobile apps it’s better to have queries integrate with platform object models, rather than requiring a separate language syntax and tabular output. So on iOS we’ve provided integration with NSPredicate and Core Data, and on .NET we are starting to work on LINQ support. (I know there are comparable Java/Android APIs, but I don’t know details.)

Hi jens

So there are no plans to have any common query syntax?

I have all javascript code currently. On the server, in the browser and in an Electron desktop app. I need to switch between querying CBL and CB Server so I’d like to use a common query syntax to keep the code common and easy to maintain. What is your suggestion for keeping the queries the same?


Use map/reduce instead of N1QL? Sorry, that’s the only answer at present.