N1QL for CB Lite (Android)

Hi, I couldn’t find any roadmap or plans regarding this.
Is there a plan to make N1QL available in CBL? This would make things much easier on android when working with content providers.


Hi Mav3ric,
We don’t have anything ready to share just yet, but we are investing heavily in N1QL :slight_smile:

And just so you know, a N1QL server can be queried using the REST API: http://docs.couchbase.com/developer/n1ql-dp4/topics/restapi.html

So you can use it from anywhere, it is just not really integrated yet.


any news about using N1QL with CBlite for android?
REST api is cool feature but for queries on local data in areas when you are off the network with device, it’s a problem.

Any information about when would you start working on it or have a prealpha would be greatly appreciated for our project planning.

yes, It will be a great feature for using n1ql with CBLite(android/ios).

Hi @martinesmann , @hideki,

Any update for N1QL support for Couchbase Lite? I thought of asking this now as the post is quite old and there might be some progress .


There are issues you can follow on Github.

N1QL per se is unlikely; we couldn’t use any of the existing implementation because it’s not suited for mobile. And it’s better to tie in with platform query APIs like LINQ and NSPredicate than to make app developers figure out how to adapt their object models to a textual query language. But some form of advanced querying is a high priority. I’ll be talking more about this at Connect, next month.