Can we use Server 4.0 beta with Couchbase Mobile?

If so, then can we query the Couchbase Lite db on the mobile device with N1QL?

If not, when can we expect it?


I believe Sync Gateway works with Couchbase Server 4.

But N1QL on Couchbase Server has nothing to do with querying on the mobile database, which is an entirely different codebase that runs independently of the server.

Thanks for the quick response. Are there any plans to someday integrate N1QL into mobile? I really like the aesthetics of that language.

It would be nice to. But it would require re-implementing it, because the current implementation is targeted at servers, not clients — the same way that SQLite isn’t just a port of MySQL, it’s specifically written to be small and lightweight.

The CBLQueryBuilder class in the iOS version of CBL 1.1 is a different approach toward making querying friendlier — it’s similar to Core Data’s NSFetchRequest. In future releases we’ll have some comparable APIs in Java and .NET but they’ll have to be designed to fit into those platform’s existing APIs (like LINQ.)

@dbergan which language are you using?

I’m using Unity (c#)