N1QL support in Couchbase Lite? (please, insert begging here)

While I like the querybuilder for syntactical aid, I think we can handle N1QL. If a programmer cannot handle N1QL syntax properly, well, they likely should not be programming. Can we please consider direct N1QL support locally on couchbase lite? (even if its caveated with support limitations*). Anything a programmer can do against the sync gateway or the cb server should be supported (understandably in stages of release) in Couchbase Lite. An example I’d given previously on this forum is geospatial queries. What is the point of synchronizing all of the data locally and not having near-same capabilities on CBL.

I would argue that anything that is due to be supported on SG or CB please be road-mapped on CBL (understandably behind in schedule of course - insert sanity and reality here)

When I see posts like this, I cringe… Delete Documents through a query . It is easy enough to handle as they state, but CBL users are very likely moving over from SQL Lite. If there is not roughly similar syntactical approach to common activities, they will question the use of CBL. The lack of a common N1QL across all levels (CBL, SG and CB Server), this I think will become a balking point for some couchbase users.

I say this from the position of a strong fan of Couchbase Lite (and Couchbase Mobile as a platform)

Much Regards, Peter Robbins (Couchbase Lite User / C# / Xamarin Forms .Net Standard)