Maximum number of collections


I’m considering Couchbase for my product which hosts thousands of different customers. I’d like to bring some multitenancy on their respective datasets. I’d like to use collections for that. However the documentation indicates a maximum of 1000 collections per cluster. By using around 10 collections per user I’m finding these numbers a bit too low.
In that logic I wanted to know if scopes could be a solution. There also is a 1000 scopes limitations, which would allow me to have a reasonnable amount of clusters. But is the collection limitation per cluster or per scope ?

If I use a shared collection and a specific field for my tenant, won’t I hit a hard cap on my indexes (considering I’ll use partial indexes with tenant IDs, so easily tens of thousands of indexes).

Thanks a lot

@jonathan The limits are
30 buckets per cluster
1,000 scopes per cluster
1,000 collections per cluster
10,000 secondary indexes per cluster

There is more detail about this in the following blog post, in both the main body and clarifications in the Q&A section at the bottom:


Thanks for your reply