Couchbase Server 7.1 Increase bucket limit

Hi, We need data isolation for each tenant, hence planning to create new bucket for each new tenant. We are assuming the 1000 tenant for next couple of year.

Is there any possibilities to have increase bucket limit by increasing the node in cluster (vertical & horizontal scaling)?

Also the number of collection is 1000 per cluster, hence if bucket is not possible does any possibilities around the increasing the collection per cluster to 30000 (30 Collection per tenant and there will be 1000 tenant )?

Also if we put all kind of data (user, transactional, etc) with “type” for bifurcation into single collection per tenant, than is there any performance issues ?

Note: We cannot bifurcate the same kind of collection with tenant_id as we must need the data isolation, no tenant data in same collection(s).

I don’t find any means to increase the maximums.
Please refer to How Scopes & Collections Simplify Multi-Tenant App Deployments on Couchbase

Thank for quick response, So as per blog if I have 1000 Scope (tenant_1,…,tenant_1000) and under each scope I have 30 Collections, does it mean that I have 30,000 Collections or still the collection are only 30?

Per the blog, you’re still allowed at most 1000 collections per cluster.
(And documented here too: Buckets, Scopes and Collections | Couchbase Docs )

Scopes are simply a mechanism to group your at most 1000 collections. So you can have 1 scope with 1000 collections, or 1000 scopes each with 1 collection.


Two collections with the same name in two scopes are still two collections. So it doesn’t help your scenario.

Thanks @mreiche, I got clarification regarding my question