Maximum concurrent operations on couchbase single bucket

I’m building a server for customers where each customer need to have each access to a database for serving his/her clients.
So my thought was to assign each customer to a specific bucket but just to find out now that a single couchbase only serve maximum of 10 buckets as recommended. But now, i don’t know if sharing a single bucket across my customers using their ID combining with the collection documents name they are creating as namespace in document type will affect the performance of all customers due to heavy operation by each customer clients on a single bucket.

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Sounds like you want specific name space of data per Couchbase RBAC user = collections.
Which is slated in the near future.
The issue the trips most people in this request is “how many collections per bucket do you want to support?”
Some say a 10 collections X 10 Couchbase buckets = 100 collections
while other say I want a collection per user
1,000,000 collections X 10 Couchbase Buckets = 10,000,000 collections.