macOS Sierra support?

I see there’s still an open issue around Sierra support

Currently (with 4.5.0) the app starts but it never connects to the node. It also spins up a memcached process that’s using 99% CPU that never seems to end.

Does anyone have an estimate as to when a fix will be released?

Hi J,
There’s a version of Couchbase Server for Mac OS X Sierra you can get on the downloads page. I’m running it on my laptop. Have you had a chance to try that one out?

Hi Will,

I tried the latest 4.1.0 Community edition, installed on my macOS Sierra Macbook and still am having the memcached 100% cpu issue. Totally unusable. I tried wiping the build and ~Library files twice, still no luck. Memcache spins up even before the whole bucket setup process.



I also tried the 4.5.0 Enterprise with no luck. I need my cluster running by tonight, so please let me know asap if you’re aware of a fix of I need to format and reinstall El Capitan to get this running.

Thank you

Hi @geretti,

Couchbase as a company releases new features and fixes in Enterprise Edition and then releases the fixes in CE on a delayed schedule. Some people build their own custom versions of Couchbase Server CE. To fix the particular issue that crops up with Mac OS X Sierra, it would require back porting changes to many components (basically building them with more recent versions of Go and then testing to make sure they work right). Right now, it’s not 100% clear when Couchbase the company will be able to make those fixes available for CE.

When you say you weren’t able to get Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition Preview for Mac OS X Sierra 4.5.0 working, what behavior did you observe? Can you find something in the log? You might start by looking at error.log.

By default, Couchbase logs on the Mac can be found here:

~/Library/Application\ Support/Couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/logs

Hi Will,

The version I’ve downloaded is the 4.5.0 (current) showing on the downloads page ( 4.5.0-2601 Enterprise Edition (build-2601) ). There’s no mentioning of the “Preview for macOS Sierra”. Am I missing something?

Hi @geretti @jcurtis -
I owe you both an apology - I misunderstood what Couchbase released and what we didn’t. No wonder everyone was confused!
It’s tentatively planned to release a developer preview build of 4.6 that will support Mac OS X Sierra and Windows 10 Anniversary edition at the end of October.
Until then, I recommend you run Couchbase Server in a Linux VM / Docker / Vagrant etc. I know it’s not as convenient.

Again, sorry for the confusion.

That makes sense :slight_smile: Thanks for your prompt replies, looking forward to 4.6

Unfortunately the way some of our services are setup having Couchbase run in Docker/VM won’t work for me. Guess I’m hosed until the end of October.

Thanks anyway though, better than being in the dark.

Hi @WillGardella, any news on this regard?

Do we have an update on this? Looking at the issue board it doesn’t look like 4.6 has been scheduled yet?

Hey @jcurtis - we’re planning to release a dev preview early next week in time for Couchbase Connect.

Awesome. Thanks for the update.

For those following this thread the 4.6 developer preview is out.

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Can someone pls suggest me what to do when i’m getting this error while trying to install couchbase server 4.6

Are you using the developer preview of 4.6 on Mac OS X Sierra?

Where to find your logs:

Note that on Mac, you need to make sure you properly uninstall any old versions of Couchbase Server before you try to install a new version.

Hi, atleast for starters, it can be done using docker, for reference, visit