Couchbase 4.5/6 on OsX 10.13.3

Couchbase 4.5/6 server doesnt seems to work on OsX 10.13.3
Admin console doesn’t open a page.
Not all processes are running in the system for couchbase.
But, moving to Couchbase 5.0 seems to work.
Does anyone know when this issue would be fixed for 4.5/6 versions?

I installed 4.6 on OSX 10.13.3 (High Sierra) and it didn’t have an issue.

Did it show all the security prompts about accepting incoming connections and did you approve it? Also, I assume you’re running this from /Applications?

As per the Release Notes for 4.6, macOS 10.12 (Sierra) support was only added in 4.6.0.

Couchbase Server 4.5 only supports macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) to 10.11 (El Capitan).

Thank you Clinton.
Yes, it was installed like same.
What I found is that some of the config files were missing after install(10.13.3) compared to same version on OSX10.12.
The admin console doesn’t open, and not all processes are seen to run on the machine.
For me, it worked with couchbase 5.0 for OSX10.13.3.
If it works good for you, that’s a great news to hear.

Hi Dave,
It would be very helpful if you can confirm that couchbase 4.6 will work on OSX10.13.3


If this is for development you could always spin up Couchbase using one of the official Docker containers.
At least then you have a bit more freedom on what version you can run.

Yes, it works on docker. I verified that already.
Thank you Clinton.