Couchbase 4.6.0 & 4.6.2 fail on OSX Sierra 10.12.5


Couchbase fails to start when run it on OSX Sierra 10.12.5 on a macbook air. Versions i Tried are Couchbase 4.6.0 & 4.6.2.

No errors regarding couchbase in /var/log


Have you previously installed Couchbase on macOS? If so you may have stale files which need removing - see the macOS installation instructions

Yes i did, i also went through I was able to load it on a windows vm no problem but not native on mac.

I have exactly the same problem, when trying to start it getting this popup saying: “couchbase server doesn’t seem to be operating properly. check console logs for more details”.

Console have this:
default 20:19:08.759683 +0200 Couchbase Server Unknown class ‘LoginItemManager’, using ‘NSObject’ instead. Encountered in Interface Builder file at path /private/var/folders/sz/0_43cg4x7ss5gxsnn4mx5bm00000gn/T/AppTranslocation/6DBFC21E-4A95-4FE7-90BC-6F6AFBC73ABA/d/Couchbase
default 20:19:08.766667 +0200 Couchbase Server Failed to connect (loginItems) outlet from (Couchbase_ServerAppDelegate) to (NSObject): missing setter or instance variable

I did clean my data folders. When I try to run, cb seems to create the “Couchbase/etc” dir but nothing else.

@maximog were you able to fix your problem?

Just found a solution: using Archive Utility to expand the zip rather then a 3rd party software made it work.