LDAP integration to community version

We are newbie to couchbase and its features, I am working on integrating LDAP with community version of couchbase server.
-> Can we integrate open source LDAP(OpenLDAP) with couchbase?
->if yes? please guide us which module needs to referred for this enhancement?
-> Please guide through step by step process of integration.


yes, you can use LDAP Authentication in CB 4.6.0
LDAP Authentication such as OpenLDAP
Configure LDAP authentication

LDAP is a Couchbase EE feature.

Thank you,
Don Pinto, Couchbase Server PM

Hi Don,
i m exploring authentication module for Couchbase Community edition , looks like PAM is only for EE and as per your previous msg LDAP is also for EE. what are the other options available for Community edition authentication ?