How to authenticate LDAP user through nodejs SDK

System details:
windows 10 OS
Couchbase 7.1 standalone setup (exe)
openldap for windows

I configured couchbase with openldap through couchbase configuration and was successfully able to login using openldap user through web console

But when i try to do the same through nodejs api i get authentication failure error

Can someone please let me know how to authenticate openlap user through nodesdk with and without ssl ?

Desh Naik

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Hi, I am trying to do the same.

I am using Node SDK 4.1.2 and Enterprise Edition 6.6.2 build 9588

I have a local Couchbase user which i can log in just fine, I have a LDAP user which i can log into the Couchbase UI just fine. However, i cannot use the LDAP user to log in via my app

I found this info on this doc:

If LDAP is enabled, Couchbase Server will only allow PLAIN sasl authentication which by default, for good security, the SDK will not allow. Although this can be overridden in a development environment, by explicitly enabling PLAIN in the password authenticator, the secure solution is to use TLS.

However, even though the doc says you can “enable PLAIN password authenticator”, there is no info on how to do it. But by digging thru the the NodeJS API documentation docs, i found this doc:

So i tried

      const connectionOptions = {
        authenticator: new couchbase.PasswordAuthenticator(options.username, options.password),
      this.cluster = await couchbase.connect(dbServer, connectionOptions);

I thought my search was over, however, unfortunately this did not change anything. I still am seeing this error when i run with couchbase with debug level login

[2022-08-05 13:15:24.640] [74879,31014787] [debug] 26ms, [bcf2bd8b-274d-4148-f4d7-187e0e1315bf/d5b59193-64f6-41bd-121d-2c1039a12357/plain/-] <> stop MCBP connection, reason=node_not_available

when i try LDAP user with REST API it works.