Couchbase LDAP Authentication

I have installed Couchbase 4.6 Enterprise Edition in Ubuntu 14.04. I would like to try adding external users by integration with LDAP. I have also installed LDAP server from OpenLDAP and created users and I am having issues while setting up Saslauthd. I followed the documentation provided for setting saslauthd.
saslauthd.conf doesnt exist, so i created one in /etc and added ldap details as mentioned in the document.
I have also changed permissions for /etc/saslauthd.conf and /var/run/saslauthd to 755.
I am unable to test the setting using the command
sudo -u couchbase /usr/sbin/testsaslauthd -u -p mypassword -f /var/run/saslauthd/mux
as testsaslauthd command cannot be found.

Also, in the couchbase web console, under ‘Settings’ I dont see LDAP Auth Setup.

Can the forum please guide me what I am doing wrong?

Good thing you posted this question, I was planning on doing the same next week. It will be useful if some solution is shared on this forum.


I was able to successfully integrate with LDAP Server. Summarizing the steps below for benefit of those who wants to give a try. The platform I used is Ubuntu 14.04 and Couchbase Enterprise Edition 4.6

Step 1: Install OpenLDAP and add users
Step 2: Install Couchbase enterprise edition. (Note: LDAP integration is available only in Enterprise Edition for Linux platform only)
Step 3: Install and Configure Saslauthd. Explained in detail in couchbase documentation -
Example saslauthd.conf

ldap_servers: ldap://<ldap_server_ip>:389
ldap_search_base: ou=sales,dc=test,dc=com
ldap_filter: (uid=%u)

Step 4: Restart saslauthd after changes in the configuration

sudo service saslauthd restart

Step 5: Test the saslauthd configuration using the below command

sudo -u couchbase /usr/sbin/testsaslauthd -u username in ldap -p password -f /var/run/saslauthd/mux

Note: LDAP Auth Setup console is not available in 4.6. Ldap users can be validated with above commad alone.

Step 6: Add the ldap user in couchbase server as follows
(i) Login to the couchbase web console.
(ii) Go to security -> External User/Roles -> enable authentication
(ii) Click add user and add the user set in the LDAP server and add appropriate role
(iv) Log out and log in as th new user, with the password set in LDAP server. The new user will be logged in.