It's here! Couchbase Server 4.5 GA

We’re super excited to announce the GA of Couchbase Server 4.5. This is a significant release that delivers increasingly better performance — across querying, data access, and indexing — but also makes the transition from relational to NoSQL easier than ever, with features like query editing, and auto schema discovery with the Query Workbench, high-speed backup/restore, and role-based access control. These along with the other 4.5 features, make it a database platform so powerful, flexible, and easy to manage that it can be the new DBMS standard for any team, across any industry.

Couchbase 4.5 also includes more platform coverage than before. We’ve introduced Debian 8 builds and this adds to the existing wide list of platforms we already run on (Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, SuSE, Red Hat, Debian and even Oracle Linux), as well as newer cloud platforms running Docker on OpenShift.

To learn more about this exciting release, you can take a look at the downloads here, the latest benchmark results vs. MongoDB here, and a good introduction to 4.5 blog here. We appreciate your feedback, and we would love it if you would try it out. The best way to give us feedback is through our forums or our issue tracker. And, if you’re a docker fan, you can also spin-up Couchbase 4.5 GA from Docker Hub.

Now, moving forward, we will continue to strengthen the case for Couchbase as your default database with every iteration of the product. We will continue to add new advanced features to make sure that operating and developing applications on Couchbase remains simple, and that Couchbase becomes a database platform of choice for your enterprise data needs.

Good luck and enjoy Couchbase Server 4.5 GA!


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