Presto Connector for Couchbase


Probably this should be asked to the Presto team, but was curious to know if anybody here knows a reason why is there no Presto connector for Couchbase?

Presto connectors exist for other NoSQL as well as SQL (RDBMS) databases. So, just checking if it is not encouraged by Couchbase or is there something from Couchbase side that prohibits building such a connector, if at all?


Hello @pccb thank you for reaching out with your question on Presto Connector.

There is no limitations (if thats what you were asking) from Couchbase side that would prohibit building the Connector.
We have build and have official support for Kafka, Spark and Elastic Search Connectors which cover the larger data integration ecosystems and were build based on demand from our customers and developer community at large.
So its definitely not about lack of encouragement from Couchbase (we always want to help our customers) but more about what we can build that can cover larger audience and whats been asked often.
In general you can find most of the Connectors on our Partner site, for instance you can see Presto connector on CDATA.
Hope this helps with your questions.

Thank you.

I looked up the CDATA site and even that does not have a Presto connector for Couchbase. Is that correct or I missed it?

Hi @pccb
so the link to the Presto was a generic one ? I can reach out internally to see if what I can find on CDATA, but would also suggest if you can reach out to them and enquire and/or raise a request if they dont have one explicitly for Couchbase.

I am by no means a Presto expert but was glancing through the docs looks like Presto on Spark is an option ?, so if thats the case using CB Couchbase Spark Connector and then Presto on top of Spark will not help ? Just a thought, you may as-well ignore it if it doesn’t make any sense :slight_smile:

Hello @pccb I got a response back from CDATA team.

Reviewing the request, you are looking for a Couchbase connector that can be directly integrated to Presto, correct?
If that is the case, unfortunately, we do not have any current connectors specifically made to integrate data directly into Presto at this time.
We do have connectors to connect to a Presto instance and interact with it, but currently do not have any plans to develop dedicated Presto connectors at this time.
That being said, if you are looking to replicate data between Couchbase and Presto, we may have some options available. To recommend the proper solution, it would be helpful to know what kind of replication you are looking for.
Are you looking to replicate data FROM Couchbase TO Presto, vice versa, or some manner of bidirectional replication? Additionally, is there any special use case or transformation you want to achieve in the connection, if so what?
That being said, please let me know if directly connecting to the Couchbase data from the Presto UI is critical for your use case here, and ​I can do some further review and testing to see if that is something we can support. 

Once we have these details, we can better plan how to move forward with this use case and get you up and running.
If you need anything else, let us know and we will be here to help.

In theory, you can reach out to them with your use case and see what options they might have.

Thanks @AV25242 . Appreciate!

Considering that Presto is a SQL engine, we were looking for Presto to Couchbase (and not the other way round) i.e. data stored in Couchbase to be accessed/queried from Presto.

For now, this info helps. If need be, we will reach out to CDATA to check what options they offer.

In case, Couchbase comes up with a connector for Presto i.e. access Couchbase data from Presto , do let us know.

Thank again!

Hi Couchbase team. I googled with “presto connector couchbase” but not found any articles except this site … Are there any updates?

I would like to simply connect couchbase from Presto as catalogue, with any connectors.

Unfortunately the connctor list doesn’t have any couchbase* connectors.
Could anyone tell any ways to connect couchbase from Presto ( not the other way round) …?