Building Couchbase on Raspberry 4b 8GB or any other unsupported plattform

I’m using Couchbase now for some time, specially for my mobile projects (java and web apps), now just for the fun I though it would be nice to install Couchbase on one of the newer Raspberry’s.
Yes I went Google and Github and what not, the result is:
Simple build instruction from Github:
hangs with a myriad of SYNTAX error in the python scripts.
Going down the “more” time consuming way, starting to build the dependencies packages, at some point I just run into a missing md5 file, which then in turn of course … brings the process to a halt.

So my question is: Has anyone successfully insatlled Couchbase on a Raspberry lately or made a build on a non supprted plattform?

If yes, please point me to the documentation that works, that would be very much appreciated.
All this cmake, go, python and what not tools involved make my head spin, so I still might come back with some silly questions.

Hi…Raspberry Pi OS will take on our downstream part branches as prepared.

Debian for the most part stays with whichever mainline rendition was current at the place of freeze. It seems as though they’re as yet on 4.9 or 4.19. Backing for Pi4 in mainline Linux is arriving, yet not complete yet.

A Raspberry Pi uses an ARM CPU, not an x86 like Intel/AMD. Currently Couchbase Server is only supported on x86 platforms. We are planning to support ARM Linux builds in the future, you may want to follow this JIRA ticket to view the progress . Thanks, Ian McCloy