How to check if the index planner is enabled/disabled?


In a recent topic it was mentioned that the index planner can be enabled/disabled by setting the “queryport.client.usePlanner” configuration key.

I would like to check the the current value of this setting. I have tried the following, but it does not include this setting:

curl -u : http://<indexer_ip>:9102/settings

Is there anyway to check it? If not, could this be included in the previously mentioned endpoint.

@horvath-martin, the planner is enabled by default in all Couchbase Server release builds. The user can restrict the planner placement decisions for CREATE INDEX by specifying the “nodes” parameter in WITH clause.

The planner setting is an “internal” one, which is not recommended to be changed by the users except when recommended under special circumstances by Couchbase e.g. in the post referenced by you, it is regarding 7.0 Beta build and 6000 indexes are being created leading to performance degradation.