How to find Query Service parameters

Hi all,

we need to check some Couchbase Query Service parameters:

  • query_max_parallelism
  • queryport.client.request_cap
  • queryport.worker.thread_cap

In the Couchbase documentation I could find Query Max Parallelism which defaults to 1.

How can I get the others?
Additionally, what are the default values for these parameters in the Couchbase EE 7.2.3?

I googled couchbase query_max_parallelism and the third link was Configure Queries | Couchbase Docs

It lools like there is a rest api.

If you find documentation lacking you can use the Leave Feedback link to open a jira ticket.

Thanks @mreiche! Yeah I found that too.
I was wondering how to check the other two paremeters, since I see them nowhere in the documentation.

Where did you find the other two referenced?

The application team asked us to check those parameters, but I cannot find them.

That’s why I am asking here in the Forum! :smile:

As far as I know there are no such parameters. Ask your application team where they found them referenced.

These are not query parameters indexer parameters use indexer api. cc @amit.kulkarni

curl -v -X GET -u Administrator:password

I don’t see any of those parameters as @mreiche said