PlanningFailureException: The server failed planning the query

The below query works perfectly fine when I run within the Couchbase console, however from code when executed i get an exception (PlanningFailureException), error details below. All required indexes are available on the cluster.

Appreciate your help !.. do I need to restart the Couchbase cluster so that indexes are reflected… As i said earlier the query works fine from the console, i even changed the query to remove the reserved keyword “Number” to num

Sorry; the planning failure is an error between 4000 and 5000; so it is likely an index related thing. Are you connecting as the same user in both cases (console & programme)?

There is a fair range of possible causes in that error code range though.

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yes the user & credentials are the same

you are right some how one of the server was different ! life saver

Glad to hear you’ve been able to resolve it!

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