Disabing the indexer / indexing

I see there is a task running for indexing:

/opt/couchbase/bin/indexer -vbuckets=1024 -cluster= -adminPort=9100 -scanPort=9101

Is there any way to disable this in configuration? I have no need of indexing at all. But going through the file quickly, I didn’t see an option. Hopefully, I just missed it…

@twinkle, you can choose not to have the Index service for your setup. Please see here for more details.

The link in the accepted solution is broken. How do I disable the indexer? My local docker couchbase installation is going crazy with the cpu, and is otherwise largely unused. I’m forced to keep it running to work with local microservice component development. How do I disable the indexer? I only have 340 records in the whole database, I’m quite happy for it to perform full scans when I occasionally make a request or two via the local microservice.

@garym , the query service will need at least the primary index to be able to run full scans and indexer needs to be enabled for that. Do you see it is the indexer process taking up the CPU? How many indexes do you have and which Couchbase server version are you using?