High response time for 1st couch-base call

During my tests, I consistently found that the 1st call to couchbase has very high response time (~1000ms) compared to other calls(~5ms).
I have also noticed erratic spikes in the response time(~2000ms) when I perform GET requests for about 1 million requests.

What are the possible parameters( no. of Connections, CPU usage etc) that might cause this kind of behaviour?
Are there any config changes that will help me solve this problem?

Thank you.

@digibat -

The first call latency could be associated with initializing and authenticating the connection, although it should be reusing the connection from the initial boostrap process.

Can you post your configuration?


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I am using CouchBase server version :2.5.1
Couchbase client/sdk version: 1.3.9

Here is my client side config:

    <couchbase useSsl="false">
           <add uri="http://localhost:8091/pools"></add>
        <add name="*******" useSsl="false" password="********">
          <connectionPool name="custom" maxSize="8" minSize="5"></connectionPool>

@digibat -

Have you considered upgrading to a newer client and server? Both CB 2.5.1 and the .NET SDK 1.3.9 have reached their support EOL’s in 2015: https://www.couchbase.com/support-policy

The current SDK version as of today is 2.3.10 and we have 2.4.0 planned for release in January 2017. The current server version is 4.5 with 4.6 planned for release in January 2017 as well.


Sorry @Jeff my mistake, the current couchbase version I am using is 3.1 and .NET sdk version is 2.3.1 . Do you have any clue what might be causing this issue from the above config I have posted?


@digibat -

The first delay is likely caused by the time it takes to create and auth the first 5 items in the pool (MinSize=5). The second would be much harder to diagnose but is probably related to GC, but could be caused by either a) the pool resizing b) connection pool starvation.