Couchbase Server 7.2.2 CE - Response Time

Hi all,

We are exploring the transition from old Couchbase 6.6.0 CE (Community Edition) to latest CE 7.2.2 - and facing high increment on Get/Update actions latency during load (so you can assume high volume of concurrent requests) - just to compare:

  • On CE 6.6.0 avg item action ~20msec
  • On CE 7.2.2 avg item action 100msec~400msec (depends on concurrency level)

Are you aware of this issue? any information / configuration setting recommended for us?

The get/update operations themselves only take a few microseconds on the server. So if you are seeing 200ms (or even 20 ms) response times, the latency is likely in the network or the client. Are you using the same topology for both tests? The same SDK?


Yes same SDK and same Topology…
Any lead where to look for this issue?


  1. ensure you are using the latest version of the SDK.
  2. examine the metrics from the calls. There are various ways to accomplish this - which SDK are you using?

We are using old 2.7 SDK (in transition to newer one) - is there a way to get metrics in SDK itself?
What about metrics on Couchbase Server itself?

First transition to the new SDK. There’s no value in sorting it out with the old SDK, then moving to the new SDK.
The SDKs have RequestTracing (or ThresholdReporting) for collecting metrics.

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