Geocouch couchdb1.3.x.tar.gz checksum changed

It looks like the contents of the couchdb1.3.x.tar.gz release file of GeoCouch published on GitHub have changed at some point. Is this expected? This is the file at

As of June 15 2014, the SHA256 checksum for couchdb1.3.x.tar.gz was:
(This can be picked up from the Mac Homebrew formula; its build system verified the SHA sum on June 15 2014, while preparing this commit:

As of today, April 19, 2016, the SHA256 checksum for couchdb1.3.x.tar.gz is:
(This is from me downloading it and running shasum on it manually on OS X 10.9.)

Was this file republished at some point? Are its contents expected to be different from the 2014 version?

Andrew Janke