Tools 'couch_dbinfo' and 'couch_dbdump' not working due to checksum fail


I was trying to use two tools: couch_dbinfo and couch_dbdump. I have a CouchDB v1.6.1 database and I’d like to dump its contents. For reference, the tools are located in Couchbase

When I try to run either tool, it fails in the same way:

➜  ~  ./couch_dbinfo ~/Desktop/mydb.couch                    
Failed to open "~/Desktop/mydb.couch": checksum fail
➜  ~  ./couch_dbdump ~/Desktop/mydb.couch 
Failed to open "~/Desktop/mydb.couch": checksum fail

Any idea why? The database is working fine, so I’m not sure why the checksum would fail. Is Couchbase using an older (or newer) version of CouchDB perhaps?

Thank you.


The ‘CouchDB’ included in Couchbase has probably been different for a long time. If you want to move data from CouchDB to Couchbase, I have written a small Java App that does just that. It’s a bit rough but it does the job. It allowed me to import 35898 docs in 9726ms.