[ANNOUNCE] YCSB 0.7.0 Release

On behalf of the development community, I am pleased to announce the release of YCSB 0.7.0.


  • GemFire binding replaced with Apache Geode (incubating) binding
  • Apache Solr binding was added
  • OrientDB binding improvements
  • HBase Kerberos support and use single connection
  • Accumulo improvements
  • JDBC improvements
  • Couchbase scan implementation
  • MongoDB improvements
  • Elasticsearch version increase to 2.1.1

Full release notes, including links to source and convenience binaries:

This release covers changes from the last 1 month.


Thanks @Kevin_Risden !

Just FYI to those who may stumble across this thread in the “Other Product” area here on forums.couchbase.com, the YCSB project isn’t from Couchbase but folks at Couchbase and community folks like Kevin and others have been adding Couchbase support there.