From Lumira/Pentaho to Couchbase Data via SIMBA JDBC

Hi Folks,

I have downloaded and installed the Simba JDBC driver.

When I set up a new connection in my Lumira/Pentaho I can connect using the JDBC URL and Class - but I don’t see any of my buckets - I simply get:

-> default

Underneath there are no buckets.

I checked the FAQ and I used the N1QL to create a primary index on the travel-sample bucket. Nevertheless I still can’t see my bucket.

Is there any detailed help? I have checked the installation guide but it’s not giving me much assistance.
Maybe someone can share a sample connection configuration along similar lines?

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Hi Mark,
Can you pls check if the driver is configured to work in SQL mode (by setting query mode to 1). See page30 in


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Hi Prasad,

thanks for the quick reply. Actually there is currently a bug in the Simba driver that means SchemaMapOperation = 0 doesn’t work.

I used page 16 of the guide to set SchemaMapOperation = 1 (and the other parameters mentioned there) and now it works.

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