JDBC Driver for Pentaho

I feel like I’ve somehow stumbled into uncharted space here;

We are looking into using Pentaho (for reporting) on a website using couchbase. Pentaho needs a JDBC Driver however none really exists for couchbase. Simba does have a JDBC Connectivity Solution developped jointly with couchbase, however I do have a few questions in regards to it;

1- It looks like (allthough it can be tried for free) it is under a different license NOT included with couchbase enterprise, obviously, this isn’t very ‘sexy’. Can anyone confirm if it is a service that will be included / discounted / etc… or completly standalone?

2- Our entire website is coded with .net and connects to couchbase with the .net SDK. It is sometimes deployed on linux, sometimes on windows etc… As such, I was a bit confused as to which JDBC solution I was supposed to download from Simba’s download page, to try it out. Any pioneers out there could point me in the right direction? (there are solutions for ‘JDBC’, Linux, Mac, Windows , and all of those for servers or desktops)

Thanks for the help!

Hi @spcmnky,
Currently it is a separate license for production use/purchase. But I think I’m glad to inform you that we are indeed working on agreements to provide other options to be able to get it from Couchbase in near future. I will also send you a private message to figure out the download version with you based on your needs.

This would be great!, In 2017 no one will ever pay for JDBC/ODBC drivers it’s a must have. If we ever have to pay I would just change the DB…