Free ODBC driver for Couchbase?

HI there. I’m trying to get couchbase working with a Codeigniter application.
According to Codeigniter’s documentation, they will support ODBC abstraction layers.

I did some initial googling and it seems that the ODBC driver for Couchbase is a paid solution vs. open source.
Is this understanding correct?
If so, what alternatives do I have? Many thanks!

Yes Wooj, your understanding is correct.
Currently certified ODBC/JDBC drivers for Couchbase are provided by Simba.

I also see ODBC/JDBC drivers available from cdata (we haven’t tested that yet).

Only available open-source driver is JDBC-JSON (, which provides API to Couchbase over N1QL (query language from Couchbase, for querying JSON).


Hi Wooj,

As Prasad pointed out, Simba has worked closely with Couchbase to ensure our drivers work well with any and all tools that have ODBC or JDBC connectivity. I would suggest you try out the drivers at to make sure they work for Codeigniter. If you have any problems, you can also contact us and we’ll work with you to ensure any issues are resolved.


Since it’s a paid product, I probably won’t be able to use it. Our shop only uses opensource.
Thanks for the response though

Did you try the open source driver mentioned above? I’m interested to know whether it was any good.

Jdbc drivers dies not work wih comunity edition. It is bad idie to chose couchbase. Is has more problems thab benefits. Avoid it!!!@