Apple Silicon / Darwin ARM64 (Apple M1 computer hardware w/ Mac OS 11+)

Is there a timeframe for binaries of the CE of Couchbase Server built for Apple Silicon / Darwin ARM64?

Is there a how-to for building Couchbase Server CE on Mac OS (11+)?

x86-64 binary of Couchbase CE 7.0 beta so far does work on Mac OS 11 on Darwin ARM64 (automatically via Rosetta 2).

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It’ s great to hear that the 7.0 Beta is working well running on Rosetta 2 for you. We are working on an ARM64 version of Couchbase Server for MacOS. Our own code is fairly straight forward but it takes time as we have upstream dependencies on packages and libraries that Couchbase Server utilizes to provide ARM versions that we can integrate. You can follow along the progress from our public JIRA issue tracker.

Ian McCloy (Principal Product Manager, Couchbase)

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Hi Ian,

Are there any updates with this issue? I’m attempting to run Couchbase enterprise docker images on Apple Silicon and running into this same compatibility problem:

WARNING: The requested image's platform (linux/amd64) does not match the detected host platform (linux/arm64/v8) and no specific platform was requested

It seems that the ticket hasn’t had much activity since October, I’m able to run the normal couchbase server .dmg file locally but docker has a lot of advantages (we currently use an enterprise license with the couchbase operator for deployed apps, so using docker is a better fit to production conditions). Do you have a rough estimate for when this compatibility with M1 CPUs will be ready?


Continuing thread. I am trying to run couchbase as a docker container on Apple Silicon M1 and getting the below message.

docker: no matching manifest for linux/arm64/v8 in the manifest list entries.

Thank you.

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same here
docker: no matching manifest for linux/arm64/v8 in the manifest list entries.

Thanks for using Couchbase Server and appreciate all your feedback. We still are working on supporting on arm64/aarch64 support. As was mentioned earlier please follow on [MB-41281] Couchbase Server arm64/aarch64 support for macOS - Couchbase database . We are making good progress and you will see this issue as resolved once we have the support

Just to add to the above. When you run a Docker container on an Apple Silicon system, it’s most likely running Linux as the underlaying operating system in the container. The Rosetta translator that allows x86 software to run in MacOS is unable to run x86 Docker containers and Virtual Machines, so you must use images which are specifically built to run on ARM. We are working on a Linux ARM version of Couchbase Server to resolve this issue which will allow you to run a container on your Mac, you can track the progress at .

Hi @ianmccloy and @raju , any progress on the It seems, in June the status was “we’re 95% of the way to getting a first build”, do you have plans to release it soon?

Is there any updates on this? I am still not able to install Couchbase server on my Mac version 11.5 version which is having the Silicon M1 chip

@sgntheone Thank you for your interest in Couchbase products. This work is still in progress, is the issue currently we have open

the ticket shows resolved, but I am not still not able to install couchbase latest version server from couchbase website nor do I see any arm64 version on docker. Can someone confirm if this is still open or is there any other ticket opened for this?

Hello sgntheone,

The Fix Version for that JIRA ticket is Neo, which is the codename for our upcoming 7.1.0 release. When this release goes to GA an ARM Docker image will be available.
New releases are announced on our blog at .

Ian McCloy

When can we expect 7.10 release ?

We haven’t yet made an announcement for the GA date of our 7.1.0 Couchbase Server release, but we will have additional information very shortly. Stay tuned and check our blog for new product announcements.

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Ian McCloy

Couchbase Server 7.1.0 is now GA, it includes support for ARM Linux, including docker containers on systems like a Apple Silicon M1 powered machine. Please see our announcement blog at What’s New in Version 7.1? | Couchbase Docs Staging

And the latest Couchbase ARM containers on Docker Hub

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