Elastic search - couhbase plugin docker

Hi Guys,
I successfully used the elastic search plugin , elastic search, kibana and couchbase on Ubuntu. But now the challange is to have elastic search and plugin on a docker and use XDCR from couchbase server to docker contained elastic search plug in.
There are some trys on old versions (may be successful) on it but i didnt got any success. Does anybody have/know about 5.3.0 + docker image or even a try with transport couchbase. I am having a hard time with it.

Pankaj Sharma

No issue guys I am creating docker image for the same. I will let you know the link.

So I tried creating a docker image and following is the docker hub link :


And Git link :

Elastic search run smoothly and template and index curl can be done without issue(after docker run didnt included a init script as its a one time job).

But the issue is when we run it on a docker the plug-in gets a dynamic IP assigned(May be by elastic search) which can not be accessed from outside of docker.

Following log suggests this :

[2017-05-24T16:21:47,417][INFO ][o.e.t.c.c.CouchbaseCAPITransportImpl] [WNsimtv] Resolved publish host:/
[2017-05-24T16:21:47,417][INFO ][o.e.t.c.c.CouchbaseCAPITransportImpl] [WNsimtv] Resolved bind host:/
[2017-05-24T16:21:47,849][INFO ][o.e.t.c.c.CouchbaseCAPITransportImpl] [WNsimtv] Using port:9091
[2017-05-24T16:21:47,850][INFO ][o.e.t.c.c.CouchbaseCAPITransportImpl] [WNsimtv] Starting transport-couchbase plugin server on address:/ port: 9091 publish address: /

Is there a way not to get this dynamic IP or a possibility to connect the plug in from couch base server.

Couch base Docker Gurus please help.

Pankaj Sharma

So it was a silly mistake. I will let you guys know when I am done with it.