Elastic search: Could not connect on port 9091

Hi Team,

Could not connect to “” on port 9091. I am trying to use elastic search but stuck while on Create Cluster Reference. This is not accessible even if I turn off the firewall on linux VM. On Linux VM (Having Elastic search) there is no GUI so I am trying to make Create Cluster Reference from couch base server. The Linux VM runs on And the couch base server on

Just to let you know Nginx is installed on the VM.
If I do curl -u Administrator:********* -X GET http://localhost:9091/
on VM I get following msg :- {“welcome”:“elasticsearch-transport-couchbase”}
Please help.


How about you run the command

curl -u Administrator:********* -X GET

on CB server(

Could not get any response. Is it possible that NGINX is the culprit in it. I have not configured it for elastic search.

And even if I want to then , do you know any link where it is shown how it can be done for the plug in. Because 9091 port is specially for the plug in.

The port the plugin will listen on, default is 9091
so what port does NGINX listen? I think it is have nothing to do with NGINX.
you should make sure that your CB server can connect ES plugin port for XCDR.



This was nginx because I haven’t configured it for elastic search. It was done for sync gateway only. But for experiments I did tried Elastic search on it. So I removed Nginx and disabled firewall. And the cluster reference was created.

@atom_yang I was using the same guide you suggested. But now in create replication mode I am stuck again. And there is a bug reported for it.

Following is the discussion for the same :-

The issue logged @ https://github.com/couchbaselabs/elasticsearch-transport-couchbase/issues/144

Is it possible to have a work around by installing a couch base 4.0 cluster and replicate that with main cluster and then link that with elastic search.

This issue is resolved in 4.6.2 Thanks couch base team