Couchbase Elasticsearch Connector won't sync bucket in the elastic index


I am using Couchbase 6.5.0 community edition, Elasticsearch 6.8.8, and Couchbase Elastic Connector 4.2. (my test environment is docker on MacBook pro)

I tried to sync one of my buckets to the one elastic index. they connected together and start to sync but nothing transfers to my Elasticsearch. Also in my log bucket, have this:

In my config file, I checked the indexes and allows to sync all documents of the bucket to the index. In my Elasticsearch, I created the index with the mapping of bucket documents. (I also test without the mapping but the result was the same).

Do you have any idea why this happens?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Safeed,

Would you mind posting your connector config file and connector log file please?

Are Couchbase, Elasticsearch, and the connector running inside docker using the same docker network? (If not, which components are running in Docker, and which run on your laptop?)

Can you share the commands you’re using to create the docker containers?