"Editing of document with size more than 2.5kb is not allowed"

There are times when editing a specific document manually is imperative and obviously this is why editing a document using the console is implemented.

However, there are cases when this is not supported: “Editing of document with size more than 2.5kb is not allowed”

Will editing a “long” doc kill the server ?
What can/should I do now ?

Perhaps an answer to this can provide more options.

Hi @itay,

this limit is in place because the UI has issues with editing very large documents - for some reason. If you want to edit large documents, I recommend you to write a simple app that exposes the documents the way you need it. Currently, there is no “official” way to show and modify large documents other than through the SDKs.

Note that the document editing functionality in the UI is really meant just to poke around in documents so that you get a feeling on what’s going on. A long doc won’t kill the server, of course you can store docs up to 20mb in a couchbase bucket, you just can’t edit it in the UI.

Perhaps the UI acts strange because there is a limit to the length of a GET request.
Anyway, until there is a decent alternative, please consider enabling this

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